Katie Lewis 

Owner/ Designer

The owner, Katie Lewis, grew up in Grundy Center and studied interior design at UNI. Design has always been a passion of hers, hours of rearranging the house or the popular game SIMS creating homes were just a few signs design was in her future. Studying at UNI and abroad in Italy gave her the experiences she needed to be ready to open her business immediately after her internship at Holland House Interiors in Orange City!


Meeting her husband, Jordan Lewis, right before her internship in OC made it clear she needed to move back to work but the big question was WHERE? With a light push from her mentor and friend Marie (Holland House Owner), 319 Decor and Design was born and the rest is history. Now serving two communities in Iowa, Katie is living her dream every day and is ready to help you in the future! 


Mariah Duffy

Interior Designer 



It has been a pleasure having Mariah on staff at 319 Decor and Design. We are glad that she is now on board as a full-time interior designer!


Graduating from UNI Interior Design Program 2020, she is very knowledgeable and ready to assist with your design needs. With a touch of modern and the coziness of Boho, her style is a great compliment to the owner, Katie! She is a great asset to our team!


Denise Graves

Store Manager 



Our wonderful Store Manager, Denise Graves, is a born and raised Grundy County native and has always been close with the owner, Katie. With great style and class, she can help you find the perfect piece for your home! 

Denise has been with us since the start and is extremely involved with store operations as well as ordering new decor!