August 10, 2018

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December 7, 2017

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Decorating Secret Weapons Series 2

April 5, 2018

Welcome back to our Decorating Secret Weapons Series, where we discuss the elements of good design that you might not always think about!


As always, we highly recommend that you have a consultation with Katie, owner and designer at 319 Decor+Design, in order to get a professional opinion, but we hope that through this blog you can learn how to do it yourself!!


Ok, let's get to it!


Today on the blog we are going to talk about Visual Weight.


Visual weight deals with the symmetry of a room as well as the eye-catching nature of the items within the room. 


How can your design affect the visual weight of the room? Let's learn!


Color affects visual weight-the darker the color, the heavier the visual weight, and conversely, the lighter the color, the lighter the visual weight. Also, the brighter the color, the heavier the visual weight. 

Can you see and feel the difference between the navy blue and bright red versus the baby blue and pink? Color can definitely affect the visual weight of a room!


The size of an object also affects the visual weight of the room because, of course, large items appear heavier. And, as we learned above, a large dark item will appear heavier than a large light colored item. 



Contrast and pattern affect visual weight because they really catch your attention.


Visual weight is also very important to keep a sense of balance in your room. If you have something such as dark furniture on one side of your room, your room will feel unbalanced unless you add something dark on the other side. This doesn't mean that you need to add another piece of dark furniture to that side, but rather tie in the colors through smaller art or decorative pieces.


If you need to reduce the visual weight, add light, neutral items. 


We hope this short guide helps you make some positive changes in your home! Let us know what you changed!