The Many Faces of Vase Filler

April 26, 2018


One part of decor seems to give people a lot of trouble: vase filler. Vase filler is important in the design of any vignette, especially if your vase is clear!


We often get questions about how to fill a vase, so let's chat about it!


While you can fill a vase with plain stones or gravel (which is sometimes the best option anyway!), there are so so many options!


Take a peek below at some of our favorite ways to fill those vases :)


Wooden Spheres:


Moss stones:








Produce always provides a fresh take for filling larger vases/baskets:


Holiday items, like Easter eggs, Christmas ornaments, ribbon, fake snow, etc:





Large moss orbs:




 Wood slices:



Each of these choices offers a different vibe!


We can't see what you create with your new knowledge ;)