WOW Your Guests With Your Holiday Tablescape!

November 15, 2018

Thanksgiving is next week, y'all!


Maybe you've thought about how you are going to decorate your table, maybe you're late to the game (no judgement here, love!). Whether you need ideas for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or any holiday in between, we've got you covered!


We thought we would put together some thoughts on how YOU can create a gorgeous tablescape!


First, let's chat basics!


Elements of a table:

1. Place settings

2. Runner/table cloth

3. Decor


Our favorite way to style a tablescape is to have special place settings for each person you are expecting, with low and wide decor. Why low and wide decor? Because you want to facilitate and encourage conversation! You can't effectively converse with each other if you have really tall decor in the middle of the table. 


1. Use a fabric or garland runner/table cloth to ground the table, then you can choose your decor to sprinkle down the middle of the table.


2. Place settings can be simple or complex. There are so many options! 


Large place

small plate


You can wrap your utensils with a napkin, or put the napkin in between the large and small plates. 


Name tags are so fun to help your guests know where to sit!


3. Use your themed decor to truly create magic!


A final note: the main goal of a get together is to enjoy being together! If you are at the table, you want people to have room, so we believe that less is more. You don't want to the table to be so filled with decor that people can't eat! 


Now that you know the basic elements of a great tablescape, let's chat about all of the fun color options!

Thanksgiving color ideas:

Classic colors for thanksgiving are oranges, browns, and golds, but you can use these colors in many ways. Here is some inspiration that we love.

We love this amazing tablescape from Home Is Where the Boat Is! You can see the classic colors, and we love the low and wide decor down the middle, perfect for conversation. The flannel is a fun touch, as is the cheeky turkey plates and vintage goblets!


A unique table scape using classic colors! But this one is a bit more glam! Image from Pinterest.

 A classic use of pumpkins here, and an easy way to create a table scape! Wowing your guests doesn't always have to require tons of decor. Image from Sophia's Decor.

Turning away from classic color schemes, apples are another fall favorite. Here is an example of how you can use apples for your Thanksgiving table decor! We love the greenery garland used to ground the table, giving this such a clean, classic look. Thanks to Julie Blanner for creating this fun look.


Fun Place Card Ideas

Place settings help people feel welcome at the table! Here are two fun ways you can create place settings:

 Dried leaves with white paint pens create a fun look! You could even spray paint them and use different colored paint pens. This look was shared by Elements of Style Blog.

 You can also create place settings by adding printed names on your napkins! This is just one design option, created by Bloom Designs Online.


Now let's chat Christmas/Winter Holidays!


There are SO MANY color and theme options here, and of course, you can scour Pinterest for your favorite! Today we are sharing some of our own favorite color combinations and themes to get your creative juices flowing!


Christmas tablescape ideas:

Gold, red, green (classic):

We love the simple decor here, as well as the usage of the classic red and green Christmas colors! This beautiful design is from Tidbits.


 This decor is 100% classic! We love the poinsetties, ornaments, and snowflakes, all with classic colors. This design is by Intelligent Domestications.


Silver and blue (differing shades create a cool monochrome look!)

 We adore the blue and silver of this wintry tablescape! Stunning design by Celebrating Everyday Life!

 This is an easy, beautiful design by The Lilipad Cottage! Just add some garland and ornaments!


Silver/Gold and deep green

 Keep things VERY simply with deep green! We love the simplicity of the beautiful garland down the middle with green goblets. Design by Chic Vintage Brides.

 We also love using green velvet as a runner! This feels very glam and luxurious, don't you agree? Design by Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.


Fun extras for your Christmas table!


Place settings again are a staple of a tablescape! 


 We love these adorable mini-stockings for utensils!

 These candy cane place settings are adorable and unique!


There are so many options for Christmas/Winter Holiday designs, but we hope that these unique options have helped you choose your ideal design!


Other theme ideas:





Candy canes

Natural elements such as berries, holly, greenery, snow


Whatever you choose for your tables, we know that your guests will feel welcomed and loved!


The 319 Decor+Design Team!








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