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Katie Lewis


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Hi There! I'm Katie, Owner and Interior Designer of 319 Decor+Design.
I've always been drawn to anything creative, a passion that started when I was a kid rearranging my room every other week. Interior design came naturally to me, inspired by my talented mom and grandmothers. Watching them help others and design their own homes made me realize it was something I wanted to pursue as a career.
I don't have a single favorite project; I love all the opportunities I get to work on! My clients become family, and seeing their happiness and surprise when they get to live in the spaces we've created together is incredibly rewarding.
I'm super inspired by the world around me. I love traveling and draw a lot of inspiration from the different trips I've been on. When I'm not designing, you can find me sipping a cocktail with friends or family, or in the kitchen whipping up beautiful food.
My clients often say I have a passion for getting them the space they want within their budget. I love the challenge of incorporating their style with mine to create something unique and personal.
Don't be afraid of change or a good use of color. Your space should reflect the people living there.

Natalie Hass



Hi! Natalie here! I'm an Interior Designer at 319 Decor+Design.

Growing up, I rearranged my bedroom at least once a month, which was a challenge since it was about 12x12! I've always had a creative side, and interior design lets me express that while helping people find their own style.


One of my favorite projects was a jewel tone inspired teen hangout room and bedroom. I love working on various projects, each bringing its own unique challenges and rewards.


I draw inspiration purely from the room I'm designing. For example, a wet room would be designed with a spa-like setting—peaceful and serene.


When I'm not designing, you can find me exploring thrift and antique stores, looking for a piece of the past.


My clients would say I push the envelope on their personal style and help them make bold choices in their space.


I believe that every space should be a reflection of the people who live in it.


Denise Graves



Our wonderful Store Manager, Denise Graves, is a born and raised Grundy County native and has always been close with the owner, Katie. With great style and class, she can help you find the perfect piece for your home! 

Denise has been with us since the start and is extremely involved with store operations as well as ordering new decor!

Kenadey Bown



Hi! I'm Kenadey! I'm 319's Store Manager, a devoted Farm Wife, and mom to two kiddos, Cutter and Dru. 

Home design has always run strong through me, an absolute passion. I've always been mesmerized driving around and walking through homes, visualizing what I would do with each space and how I could make it as bold and interesting as possible.
My forever favorite project is obviously my home, The Cattle Cottage. It captures every essence of my family and me. It's a project always in motion that I hope never ends.
I gather so much inspiration through old movies and homes. I love intriguing woodwork, deep moody colors, and arched doorways.
When I'm not at work, my days are filled with my littles, Cutter and Dru. We're always exploring our farm, helping my husband Cody with cattle, and enjoying the little moments of our sweet life.
Clients would probably say I love pushing the envelope and making bold, contrasting choices that bring out their personalities and everyday life.
Never take yourself too seriously. Love what you love, and don't let anyone tell you you can't wallpaper every room or have bright blue cabinets.
Show me your family heirlooms and personal photos, and let me make them come to life in your home. I want your favorite pieces to be the star of the show and center of conversation.

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