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The Ivy Cottage Kitchen

- 2023 -

Dixie's Delight

This residence holds a special place in the hearts of those at 319. With an abundance of affection, the homeowner embarked on a remodeling journey. Unfortunately, she couldn't witness the fruition of this transformation due to her battle with cancer. However, we are overjoyed to have captured these images, serving as a tribute to her and her exquisite abode. The cottage aesthetic is profoundly pronounced in this dwelling. From the interior to the exterior, the house exudes a wealth of natural charm, a quality we aimed to accentuate and rejuvenate. We cannot wait to see who will love it next!

Our dear Dixie was not just owner Katie's aunt but also an essential part of 319 from the beginning. Her absence is keenly felt, especially as we imagine how much she would have loved her Ivy Oasis.

The Ivy Cottage Kitchen
Ivy Cottage Kitchen - Katie
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