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The Palermo Farmhouse

- 2022 -

Palermo Palette

Transformed into a captivating and harmoniously stylish haven, this charming farmhouse showcases an abundance of innate charm that made the renovation process an absolute delight. The rustic allure of the original brick floors and the warmth exuded by the wooden beams and intricate soffit detailing created an ideal canvas for our creative endeavor. With a homeowner who possesses a flair for elegance, subtle touches of glamour manifest in the exquisite backsplash selections and the tasteful choice of light fixtures.

In a seamless fusion, we brought together the components of this area by employing a blend of whites and greys, a selection that gracefully enhances the prevailing flooring while preserving its distinct allure. Surprisingly, the core of this metamorphosis centered on integrating new doors and adeptly revitalizing the pre-existing cabinets with a rejuvenating layer of paint. The hood underwent a modern transformation, and the introduction of shiplap to the island effortlessly connects it with the latest design trends. Remarkably, all these enhancements were accomplished without the need for a complete space overhaul.

Palermo Farm House.jpg
Palermo Farm House 2.jpg
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